What is Cloud Computing?

There is a buzz phrase that has been going around in recent years that you may have heard. “Cloud Computing”, or “In the Cloud”, or even “Cloud Based” is what you may have heard. But you may not know exactly what it means and you find yourself asking, “What is Cloud Computing“?

Simply put, Cloud Computing is a service where you store and access your data online. You can also run programs online without the need to install any software on your computer. These services are provided “In the Cloud”.

Here are a few examples of Cloud Computing scenarios…

Email: As we add smartphones, tablets, and other devices, we want to be able to access our email from one central location. Web based email is stored on a server and multiple devices are able to access those servers anytime, anywhere in the world.

Documents: Microsoft Office has been a widely used office document program for years. Typically, all office documents and data are stored on a person’s hard drive. Accessing this data away from the computer that it resides on is difficult or sometimes impossible to do. Moving these documents into the cloud makes it easily accessible anywhere anytime. Google Docs is one example of an Office service that allows for cloud computing for office documents.

Data Backup: Storing your important data online is becoming increasingly essential. Sure, we can all back up our important data on an external hard drive, but how many of us actually do? When moving this service to the cloud, automatic backups can be scheduled and you never need to worry again whether you have those important files saved when emergency strikes.

Today, and moving forward, there are many Cloud Computing services that are popping up around the world. Popular services like Amazon Cloud, Spotify for music, Google Docs, Google Music, and Apple’s iCloud will continue to improve over time. These services also make our lives easier because they offer the ability for us to access our data and enjoy the services from virtually any device, anytime, anywhere.

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