WebWatcher – The Best Internet Monitoring Software?

Parents often ask, "How do I monitor my children’s web activities and protect them from online threats?".  Some of our small business clients are asking the same questions, but for their employees.

So, how does one monitor the internet and keep safe from bad sites?  There are alot of software products in the marketplace to help with this.  We will soon do reviews of some of these products and post them back here for your learning.  In a nutshell, as far as

web monitoring software,

we’ve been given the attention to WebWatcher.

This program runs quietly and goes unnoticed.  It has the ability to block websites, filter for bad keywords, and stop certain programs from running. All handled by your own web interface, of course.  This solid software is controlled by a web interface, which means you are able to track usage, turn programs, websites, etc. off and on all from the convenience of wherever you are. You don’t need to be on the computer that you’re trying to monitor in order to customize your needs.

WebWatcher is not free, but it will be the best money you’ll spend on a monitoring solution.  It comes with a 5 day guarantee. If you don’t like it within 5 days, you’ll get your money back.

Our clients are telling us that this software works. It has brought peace and security into their minds.  As a computer company, we are happy to find solutions for your peace and comfort.

Stay tuned… in the near future, we’ll bring you more great software that will help you accomplish your goals of safe and secure internet browsing.

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  2. Hi there,

    It seem WebWatcher is suitable for business used.

    For home user and parental control, I recommend kaspersky internet security which has a parental control option.

    pc’s last blog post..Close All Websites in Firefox with One Click

  3. Another great alternative to Webwatcher is Spector Pro, it has more features, but you can’t access it remotely.

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